Video Playback Error: "No Compatible Source is Found for this Media"

Some users have reported the following error message when attempting to play a video on the course:

No Compatible Source is Found for this Media

This is not an error or flaw in our website; rather, this error message indicates that there is a program on your computer preventing the video from playing on your browser. There may be several reasons this occurs depending on the type of software installed on your computer and the browser you utilize to access the course.

How to FIX: Sometimes the easiest solution is to try accessing the course on a different browser. This works for most users encountering the problem.

If this doesn't work for you or if you would prefer not to use a different browser, you may need to troubleshoot the browser issue further. Here are some articles that may assist:

- If you saw this message on Chrome:

- If you saw this message on Firefox:

- If you saw this message on Microsoft Edge:

These articles are updated frequently and should provide the solution you seek, but if these solutions do not solve the problem you may find better luck using a search engine or uninstalling and reinstalling your browser.

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