Certificate Verification & Dynamic Website Trust Seal

According to Forbes, trust plays a major role not only in eCommerce but in all forms of businesses. In a study that measured online shopping behavior, over 70% of shoppers would cancel or not use the company just because they didn’t trust the website. So in order to influence the trust of your target market, you have to remove their doubts by showing them you are serious about a drug-free workplace or are qualified to perform the job and one way you can do this is by displaying a trust seal on your site.

If you have already completed your course, here is how to install  the trust seal on your website:

  • Login to your account. (drugtestingcourses.easler.com)
  • At the top of the page, Click on Trust Seal
  • Click on Generate Seal
  • Copy the code
  • Install in on your website

If you are not technical we will install it for free on your site, simply send an email to info@drugtestingcourses.com and tell us you like us to do it for you.

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